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Bill Validation Service

Bill Validation confirms that all previous and current payments made to the utility company are correct and if not seeks to secure rebates back to the date of occupation.

It is estimated that 1-10 water bills are inaccurate

Take control of your water expenditure through Watertec Management Service.

Our expert analysts study your current and historical water data – reviewing both the financial and the supplier information. Your water invoices undergo a 20-point check before approval for payment is made, ensuring that you do not make any overpayments. They then produce environmental reports with efficiency recommendations.

Our services include:

  1. Budget and water consumption reports
  2. Budget and water consumption reports
  3. Historical data with trend analysis
  4. Benchmarking performance and carbon emission data
  5. Group executive reports with budget forecasts that include known future tariff changes
  6. Environmental reporting and recommended efficiencies
  7. Tariff negotiation
  8. Online access to billing data and performance reports

Watertite can help you reduce paperwork and increase efficiency by:

  1. Receiving your water bills electronically direct from your water company
  2. Verifying and validating your water bills
  3. Transmitting your water bill back to you in an appropriate and validated EDI format ready for you to transfer to your accounting system and expedite the payment process

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) benefits you by eliminating:

  1. Bills lost or delayed in the mail
  2. Costly data entry mistakes

Please note: EDI is compliant with VAT regulations and is an HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) approved method of submitting an invoice for payment.

Water Bill Management:

For more information about Water Bill Management or how we can help.
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ECA Water Technology List

ECA Water Technology List