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Water Reduction Strategies

There are number of strategies and initiatives that can help to deliver the reduced water consumption. The challenge is to identify those initiatives offer the best return on investment.

From both local and global perspectives, accurate measurement plays a crucial facilitating role in identifying accurate usage patterns, enabling targeting water reduction initiatives, reducing waste and monitoring the ongoing progress of water reduction initiatives.

The water footprint of a business is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services produced by that business, including both direct and indirect water use. For many organisations the UK operational water footprint will be only a very small percentage of the total water footprint, with the largest portion likely to be accrued in the agricultural production of raw materials, followed by the manufacturing process.

Within the UK a provisional shortlist of water reduction initiatives might typically include:

  1. accurate usage measurement
  2. improved leak detection
  3. staff awareness campaigns
  4. site specific water pressure reduction
  5. flow restrictors
  6. the use of grey water recycling
  7. rain water harvesting
  8. fitting percussion taps on all washbasins
  9. installing cistern volume adjusters in the WC toilets
  10. installing passive infrared flush controls in the urinal areas

While accurate independent measurement provided by AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) GPRS loggers enables instant leak detection, effective supplier cost control and a typical ROI of 6-12 months, the CapEx and return on investment for many of these initiatives would need to be carefully evaluated on a site specific basis.

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ECA Water Technology List

ECA Water Technology List