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Leak Detection & Repair

Watertite offer a selection of support services, designed to suit your specific requirements & needs, coverage includes England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland, we are also now operating in Europe.

Some of our most popular leak detection and monitoring services include the following:

  1. Leak detection and correlation
  2. 24 hour data analysis
  3. Flow / Pressure monitoring
  4. Buried pipe and service location
  5. Repair and new installations
  6. Leak allowance refunds

Watertite provide a wide range of installation services to the water supply industry.

Our highly experienced engineers can repair or replace all types and sizes of underground pipe work. All engineers are approved & trained to the highest standard, offering expert work from experienced engineers.

  1. New water supplies to BS 6700
  2. Trenchless technology using “Grundimat” Moles

All new water mains are laid using BSI quality assured materials and the latest technology including Fusion and Butt welding. Watertite are also specialists in the installation of the following:

  1. Domestic, commercial and industrial pipe work
  2. Isolation valves
  3. Fire hydrants
  4. Pressure reducing valves
  5. Wastewater drainage systems
  6. Water conservation equipment

ECA Water Technology List

ECA Water Technology List