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Competitive retail water & sewerage to England’s 1.2 million non-household customers is ready for Business

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From April 2017, all business customers and public sector, charitable and not-for-profit organisations of providers based mainly or wholly in England will be able to choose their water and sewerage retailer.

Open Water – Commercial Water Offering First Update

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Update on preparations to introduce competition to the non-household customer retail water market in England from from Cathryn Ross, Chief Executive, Ofwat.

The Open Water Programme

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The Open Water programme has now released its Market Architecture Plan 2. This sets out key recommendations on the new market.

Whilst there is still a lot of work to do before the market opens, we welcome the document as a key milestone in its delivery.

€16,000 Saving – Cyprus takes up Water Reduction Scheme

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Following the huge success in the UK over the last 3 years, WatertecAMR has expanded and is now operating throughout Europe , and early indications are showing no slowdown in customer interest, customer feedback has been excellent as  the latest case study attached demonstrates.

Extract From The Mail On Sunday

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Last week you ran a piece about how water meters can save you money, but I have found that whenever water companies extol the advantages of having a water meter installed they conveniently omit to tell you what happens in the event of water being lost from a leak between the meter and your house.

Water Watchdog: New Pipes Prone To Leaks

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A major upgrade programme across Britain has used the plastic pipes to replace aged Victorian iron pipework in a bid to stem leaks.