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Product Information

The MODEL WT2000 Series are perfect water managers! Use of the urinals is automatically detected by the passive Infrared (PIR) sensor, then flushing is subsequently performed in a time controlled manner. This ‘Demand Activated’ method maintains the highest levels of hygiene, whilst keeping water consumption to a minimum.


Huge savings on water usage will normally be achieved when the MODEL WT2000 Series are fitted to installations where no previous controller was used – these units quickly pay for themselves.

Additionally, the controlled water flow characteristics can prevent limescale build-up in water and waste pipes, thus reducing maintenance costs.

The long battery life and minimal servicing requirements of the MODEL WT2000 Series mean that running costs are virtually negligible.


The primary purpose of any flushing system is to provide high standards of cleanliness. The simple but comprehensive timing options of the MODEL WT2000 Series allow these units to be perfectly tailored to any urinal flushing system configuration.

When the facility is not used for prolonged periods of time, the MODEL WT2000 Series will flush the system automatically once every 12 or 24 hours, keeping water traps wet to reduce odours.

Technical Specifications

Model WT2000/2000R control box

Power Source

  • 6V Lithium Manganese dioxide battery pack – 1.3Ahr Capacity. Typical battery life – 4 years (life expectancy can be doubled by fitting a second battery pack).

Cistern Fill Time

  • Infinitely adjustable – ‘memories’ the time to fill each individual tank.

Flush Delay Time

  • Range is 0 to 75 minutes in 5 minute steps.

FL0371 remote sensor/Sensor Range (integral or remote PIR)

  • These patterns represent typical PIR sensor when units are wall mounted. Note that PIR sensors only detect movement, not occupancy. The most sensitive axis is ‘across the slots.’ The most sensitive axis is ‘across the slots’. The sensor range can be internally adjusted if required.

VAL/0001 Solenoid Valve


  • 6 Volt, 6 Watt solenoid, pulse latch/delatch operation. Connection via rewirable DIN plug (supplied).


  • Fittings – 15mm compression each end.
  • WRc approved.
  • STD pressure valve (VAL/0001) 0-12 bar
  • Low pressure valve (VAL/0003) 0-2 bar