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Extract From The Mail On Sunday

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Last week you ran a piece about how water meters can save you money, but I have found that whenever water companies extol the advantages of having a water meter installed they conveniently omit to tell you what happens in the event of water being lost from a leak between the meter and your house.

I had a meter installed by Thames Water and, boy, did I regret it. The problems arose when a leak occurred downstream of the meter and went undetected for several weeks. I received a bill from Thames Water for £1,039.81 for a six month period – normally my bill was less than £90 for that period.

Water meters are often placed several yards from the house so that if the supply pipe between the meter and the house springs a leak, the householder will be charged. In my case, when I received my outrageous bill, Thames Water was not even prepared to listen to my side of the story and my letters were ignored.

I urge your readers to think very carefully before having a water meter installed, because, like me, they may well live to regret it. Many thousands of gallons could be lost before the leak is detected and the bill could then be hundreds or even thousands of pounds. If your meter is spinning round when you are not using water, you should investigate.

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